Organize Your Condo Board and Responsibilities by a D.C. Property Manager

To run a successful condo association, it’s critical to properly organize the condo board and establish some defined roles for the members of that board. You want a set of clearly defined objectives and responsibilities, a great communication structure and ongoing transparency.

The most important thing a condo association board of directors can do is to be extremely clear about its responsibilities and the responsibilities of each individual board member. Put those expectations in writing so that everyone knows what is expected, and you have a marker in place which can be used to measure yourselves. When you spend a little bit of time early in the process, you will really be able to benefit everyone. You’ll also save time and provide direction for each one of your board members.

Make sure you communicate regularly as a board. Email is a terrific tool for staying in touch, and we also do a lot of work setting up message boards for the condo association boards we work with. When you use message boards, everyone has access to them and you can keep information really current. Make sure to schedule a few face to face meetings throughout the year as well. This will give you an opportunity to discuss larger items and ensure everyone knows what’s going on.

Be as open as you possibly can with your condo association board. Any time you try to hide things or keep big secrets from one another, you’re not running the association effectively. Try to keep politics out of the board. Remember that most members of condo association boards aren’t getting paid to do the work on behalf of the association. Keep everything as calm and reasonable as possible. You’ll get more done, and you’ll have more people willing to serve on the board.

Finally, get a good property manager to work with the condo association. Look for someone who has done a lot of work with boards like yours and understands the roles of each member and how effective associations can be. It will help you tremendously to have a professional property manager involved in helping you run the daily operations of your association.

We manage over 150 condo associations in the Washington, D.C. and Alexandria area. If you have any questions about your own board or you’d like help with some specific issues, please contact us at Chatel Real Estate.