Buddy was found in an apartment where his human had been taken to the hospital and he went hungry for a few days until a friend of the patient came to rescue him. Ultimately though, he was surrendered to a shelter in Baltimore and ended up in the Humane Rescue Alliance (formerly called WARL). He is a gentle giant now. He always saves a few bits of kibble, just in case, and when I come home, greets me with a headbutt and then eats it. Feeling safe again. I adopted him in January 2013, age 2 and a half.

Echo was found as a little kitten, just walking down an alley in NE DC, when she was rescued by a volunteer at the shelter. That person took her home for a while to socialize her and then brought her to HRA for adoption. She is wild, always a bit wary, but gentle, and she answers to her name or a high whistle! I adopted her in August 2013, age four months.

They get along, and boss me around like I am the housekeeper!

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