Springtime Tips for Condo Owners

Things to Keep in Mind

We have complied this information for your reference to help prevent potential issues within your unit that could affect your neighbors or the common elements.

HVAC systems

To help ensure that you get your money’s worth out of your HVAC system and that it runs to its full capacity you should change or clean your HVAC filter once a month. Some of you have different systems that require the filter to be changed every 60 days, 90 days or even 6 months! Consult your user manual or an HVAC tech if you are uncertain of how often it needs to be changed.

Clogged filters during the summer time can cause the condensation drain line in your unit to back up. Condensation drain lines can also become clogged with algae. If you have a maintenance contract with an HVAC company to perform seasonal maintenance we recommend asking them to place an algaecide solution through the lines. If you do not have a HVAC maintenance contract you should consider doing this yourself to help prevent a backup from occurring.

Did you know that it takes less energy for a system to maintain a temperature than it does to cool down your apartment? We recommend you lower or raise the temperature a few degrees in your apartment when you leave instead of turning the system completely off. If you turn the system off when you leave it will cause the system to run in overdrive when you turn it back on which will result in creating a lot of condensation and using a larger amount of electricity. It also may not catch up to a comfortable temperature for several hours if it’s a very hot or very cold day.


Most of you pay for water through your condominium dues each month. In order to help prevent your money from going to waste, we recommend checking for running toilets and leaking faucets. If you have a running toilet or leaking faucet please contact a plumber as soon as possible to avoid wasting water. A running toilet in a unit can cause the water bill for the building to double.

Once a year we recommend checking your bathrooms caulk around the tub/shower and the condition of the caulk. If there are gaps and holes in either the caulk or the grout it can allow water to go behind it which could result in water leaking into another unit or causing damage to your own properly. Play it safe and check it out.


Some of you have units that have patios or decks that have air way drains located on them. You should regularly check the drains and ensure that they are all clear of leaves and debris. If it is not clear of leaves and debris, water could back up into you unit during a heavy rain or extended periods of rain which would cause a major inconvenience to you.

Please keep this information in mind. Preventative maintenance is the best kind of maintenance!