Patsy Petty


I started my journey in Real Estate in the 1970’s in St. Petersburg, Fl, moved to Indiana for a few years where I worked with several builders and investors. Moving to DC in the early 90’s and working at Prudential Relo I handled many relocations for Government Contracts. After 10yrs the office was closed in DC and I found a new adventure as a property manager at Chatel Real Estate. I successfully managed over 30 rental properties for owners and landlords. My devotion to my clients and my true spirit was still deeply rooted in Real Estate sales. I left property management and devoted myself full time in Real Estate at Chatel and have been here ever since. I adore the boutique feel of this office, the way to bounce ideas off one another. I love being a mentor to newer agents just coming into the business, you tend to lose that family atmosphere at larger companies. I wake up every day excited to see what the real estate market is doing.

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