Greetings humans!
I am Ziggy Stardust. I am a black long haired Maine Coon and I am a year old. I enjoy sitting on my cat tower and eating scrumptious kitty treats. I have been known to swipe chicken off plates if left unattended. I am not a fan of the small humans. My humans have a small human and she likes to chase me around the house. I have to admit I like that game, but I do not like when she catches me.
Hello there,
I am Maat. I am a 7 month old tabby cat. I love to run and play. I love to cuddle with my humans and sleep on their pillows. I am a lover I like to bite and kiss my humans but I am not sure they enjoy it. Ziggy is my very best friend. I chase, and tackle him every chance I get. I’m not sure if he likes it as much as I but I think he does. My favorite thing to do is run and play with my smallest human. She is so much fun! Together we live a very happy life.

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